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Are House Flies Harmless?

As you open your windows to let the warm air in, beware of flies that may enter your home through open windows or doors.

who-knew-Ants food feet 2019-6 (1)Many people like to say that house flies are harmless because they don't bite, but many don't realize that common house flies are also known as “filth flies”. These flies carry over 100 pathogens that cause life-threatening diseases including salmonellosis, typhoid, and tuberculosis. They will contaminate your food by spreading disease organisms they pick up on their legs and mouths as they feed on decaying substances like trash and feces. Additionally, they defecate constantly which also spreads bacteria. When one of these pests land on your hamburger at a cookout or take a sip from your beverage and then you consume it, there is a possibility of it negatively impacting your health.


While many may reach for the fly swatter or a can of bug spray to deal with flies, the key is getting to the bottom of what is bringing them to your home in the first place. A few reasons could be:

  • Rotting food
  • A dead animal in or near your home (ex. A dead mouse in your wall.)
  • You didn’t know your pet accidentally left feces somewhere.

Whatever the reason, getting to the source of what's causing a swarm of flies in your home is crucial. So, pay close attention to your food storage and life, as well as odd smells and breeding grounds in your home.

Effective Prevention Tips

  • Empty and clean your garbage cans regularly.
  • Wash your pet food bowls daily.
  • Keep your sinks clean and free from dirty dishes.
  • Dispose of rotting foods.
  • Properly seal points of entry.
  • Properly dispose of dog waste.
  • Clean outdoor grills after use.

These are just a few preventive measures. Remember it's better to remedy an issue before it becomes a problem. If you do have flies in and around your home and they are becoming a frustrating problem, contact EM Pest Control a pest professional for treatment and preventive services.

For more information, check out this guide to the different types of flies and the threats they pose: